2 Poems by ‘The Lion that Slept’

for Elisa


She was something like a blessing

An angel that fell from the sky, she was sent from heaven

A smile that captures hearts

A wit that captivates minds

With an understanding that only true love can define

She, she, she, the girl with the eyes of the sea

I was lost in its glare.

A long flowing mane of curly black hair

Locked in my mind is the image of her.

How I long to hear her voice and her cat’s purr.

She, Elisa, come back to the dreadful place.

Or I’ll always be searching if I cannot see your face!


Darkness all around.

The feeling of togetherness it’s gone

Even with others around I can’t escape being alone.

To understand it takes one who knew the emotions all along, how it feels, being alone.

When you mentals you you’re only true friend and others are fakin’ it by your side.

When in poverty your thoughts are rich, but the others you call companions are trapped inside.

When envy rots your brothers and you sleep with an open eye

And the one person you thought you understood revealed it as all a lie.

The sun went down, its darkness all around. You hear no sound, you know you alone.

Stuck in a cell just wanting to go home.

They say aim for the sky but it seems too far.

You can look in the mirror and still not understand who you are.

The fear to go above, you’re trapped behind stone walls.

And you talents and advantages you can’t understand at all.

The people around you see it but you blind to your reflection.

The words can’t get to you, even if spoken by a reverend.

So you stand in dismay when people say you better.

And you stuck in yesterday when tomorrow brought you higher measures.

Look inside the mirror, is this the extent of your dreams,

Or have your goal been put aside for what someone else seen?

by DaQuan Coleman, aka, The Lion That Slept!

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