‘We need music in our lives’


Akon: “I’m locked up”

Hello. I hope that you are doing well and thank you for taking out the time to write me. That’s all I do have is time sitting here in this jail…. I been here 5 months. I’m so ready to go home. First off they have the a.c. on here in the winter, it don’t make any sense and especially when we only have 1 cover that’s thin. Also when medical is 20 dollars that’s real crazy. Why go from 10 to 20 dollars, even if you don’t have it they wait until you get money and still take it out. The food is nasty. It don’t have any seasoning, no nothing. It’s like it’s all can food- they just heat it up. The juice is nasty, too. They could at least give us cool-aid or water. Then at dinner they serve tea. Me myself I don’t drink tea, so I don’t drink anything. The mats are just nasty, flat. No cushion, no nothing. They really do not care about us at all. All they care about is a paycheck. I don’t see why our family on the outside can’t bring us anything- that would be so much better and the clothes would be so much warmer.

The lockback situation is still crazy to me. I think we should be out from 9-10:45 and that we should be able to watch whatever we want to watch. What’s wrong with BET, MTV, VH1. We need music in our lives. So what, people get loud, they act like we are supposed to be depressed all the time. Trust me, this is my 1st and last time. Lesson learned. They say treat others the way you want to be treated. Even if you treat them good, they still don’t care how they treat you. I also feel like we should be able to write anybody- so what if they are in prison anywhere. I’m a trustee and it gives me a lil more time out of the cell, and it gives me something to do in here. It shouldn’t matter what the bond is, you should be able to do work detail, do something to make time go by. Global Tel is high. I don’t see why we got to pay for phone calls. Also, when the new people come in, if they don’t have socks, shoes, etc. why not give it to them. They keep us locked up like some chain animals. Like Akon say (I’m locked up). Once they get you they act like they can’t let you go. They need to let the people go that didn’t do anything for real. If it’s over a year old they shouldn’t be able to arrest you, it’s real crazy. Now the visit part, it’s messed up. What is 20 min, like really. Some families are far away and all they only get is 20 min. We do need more games and a radio. What can a radio hurt? All I can do is take one day at a time and pray to God. Thank you Dexter Poteat.


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