‘We’re Putting More Chinks in the Armor of Deceit’

How’s it going? Me, same ol’ same, here at Durham County Concentration Camp (DCCC)!!! How is the I.O.A. family doing on the other side of the wall? Hope all is well!!!

I would like to say thank you for taking the time out of you day to sit down and personally write me a letter!!!

Secondly, I would like to thank you for adding my letter to the volume 12 issue of the feedback!!!

Responding to your letters: On Oct. 29 you asked me did I know anything about the reports of 5 ambulances at the jail??? No, I didn’t! But I can say that they do pull up to the jail all the time! Mainly for negligence on the part of the medical staff here at D.C.C.C.! Speaking of which, the staff here posted a memo in our blocks/pods stating that they are supposed to have someone(s) from the Manager of Accreditation Services of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care, in Chicago, IL, come and do an outside (I guess) investigation! They gave us an address if we had any grievances that we would like to share with them!

What we on the inside need from you, (IOA), is to write them and share our grievances!! We share all (or many) of our grievances with you!! So who better than you, to share our grievances with them??

They are supposed to be coming to do their investigation (if that is what it is) on December 10th. But the staff here at D.C.C.C. already knows when they are coming! So, of course they will have everything up to standards…And go right back to the bullshit as soon as the inspection people leave!!!


But the address to the people in Chicago is:

Manager of Accreditation Services

National Commission on Correctional Health Care

1145 Diversey Pkwy

Chicago, IL 60614-1318

You said in your Nov. 30 letter that it’s important that we write you all back and let you know that we have received your letters, because you all have been hearing (again) that there has been some bullshit going on with the mail! Well, yes, I have been receiving all your letters and the newest newsletter! I just haven’t had any stamps to write you all back…

I would like for you to tell Ms. Cynthia that I (she knows me as R.I.P. Bear Brother) said that I want to thank her for continuing to write and be an outspoken activist, in her moment of anguish and heartbreak! I could never feel her pain as A MOTHER, losing her son to this fucked up system!! But as A FRIEND/BROTHER, I can truly sympathize!! Tell her that her devotion to I.O.A. speaks volumes of her true character!! And I thank her from the bottom of my heart for everything that she does for us here at D.C.C.C.!

I seen you all on the news!! J J J Keep doing what you doing!! We’re putting more and more chinks in the armor of deceit that they have built around here, and for the public eye!!

Well, until the next time…

Your brother in the struggle,

Gregory Wilson


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