‘In my cell I envision freedom’: two poems



The Sky

Look into the skies, what do you see?

A vast amount of space or dreams to be conquered past thee.

In my cell I envision freedom when the birds soar beyond.

As the clouds pass by I see images of my kingdom that’s soon to come.

In the stars I see my resting place among the eternal crew.

In the sky I see life, creation, miracles, wonders and dreams of blue.

Let’s take to the heights and join those above.

Because even in the sky there’s a place for a thug.


The Most Powerful Words

Love, the emotion that ignites many others, the feelings we have for one another, a word so powerful its explanation is more difficult than just to utter.

Justice, a term that many don’t get, is it justice to lock a man up for providing to his kids, or is it justice to shoot down an innocent kid, is it justice to deprive us years of freedom for a petty crime that we did, or is it just us?

Truth, within the truth lays a lie, the naked truth is impossible to get, it’s behind the wall built by bricks of tale, fables, and distortions.

Truth is something we desire, but we are notable to receive.

Truth is something only Allah can achieve.

Peace, the only way to realize this is death, no cutting corners or word plays about it.

Loyalty, a thing of the past!

DaQuan Coleman

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