Investigate or relieve the following of their duties (or they can step down)…

Coleman (rank: Staff Sergeant): He abuses his authority, talks down on others and he threatens detainees for lil or no reason at all. We the detainees feel like he should be investigated for abusive behavior and unprofessional conduct. He is also well-known in Durham County for homosexual behavior and makes detainees uncomfortable during strip searches and in general when making rounds in the pod.

Mrs. Parker/MacArthur (rank: C.O./officer): She abuses her authority and has a very nasty attitude toward the detainees, using abusive language to interact with detainees. We the detainees feel like she is very unprofessional and we feel like she brings her problems to work. I myself have seen it all, and she told he herself that she wishes I get 10 years. Now that’s not anything to tell a detainee at all. We feel like she should be investigated.

Thaxton (rank: Sergeant): One of the worst of them all is Sgt. Thaxton. He misuses his authority on a day to day basis. He steals detainees time and uses abusive language. Threatens to harm detainees physically, he cuts out recreation time or takes it altogether. He forces detainees to clean up messes they didn’t make with threats of lockback or physical harm. We detainees feel like he should be investigated and relieved of all his duties.

Andrews (rank: top sheriff/over the jail): We the detainees feel he is not taking care of his responsibilities as the top sheriff. This is probably the worst jail in the state of NC. We the detainees feel like we should go back on our old schedule, he is punishing all of us for one person’s act. He needs to stop running from his responsibilities, his job and this jail, and he needs to fix what he broke or step down from the top sheriff.

Couch (rank: Major): We the detainees in Durham Jail don’t know Major Couch, he is a ghost to us. He confines people to the hole without finding out what is going on, and there is never a way to contact him. He loves to put the detainees on admin (segregation) for 6 months or better and it’s not right. We the detainees feel like he should be investigated for unprofessional conduct.

There are more bad c.o.’s/ officers

— Biggs and G


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