‘Happy Holidays and New Year 2016: We all will see better days’


I got your mail and I got to say thanks, too. I like the newsletter. It is nice and it made me smile looking at it. We the people in jail thanks y’all for y’all hard work y’all putting into all this. I was in 4-C where I could see outside of jail, now I’m in — and the only thing I can see is the railroad, so if y’all can put (something) on the sidewalk so I can see and again thank you. I can’t wait to get more feedback/news from y’all. I like them. I got two more people that are good friends of mine and would like to get some newsletters, — and —. Y’all keep doing and putting up the good work and we going to hold it down in here and let y’all know what is going on. Again, thank y’all.

“Free Us From Jail”

If you would like to put this in the feedback or newsletter, we would like that as detainees. Oh, you can use our names, too. I would like for you to add in that Happy Holidays and a New Year 2016 to all the detainees and just know we all will see better days and pray for better days: Cast your cares on the lord and he will sustain you, he will never let the righteous fall.

Free Us!!!

Dexter Poteat, aka Don Biggs or Biggs

Garrett Hatch, aka Don G or G

We love y’all…

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