‘Why are we letting this happen?’


Alexander Berkman said it best, “I don’t believe in your laws, I don’t acknowledge the authority of your courts. I am innocent morally.” He tried to assassinate Henry Clay Frick, the owner and goon of a steel mill that was torturing its employees with low wages. They wanted (Berkman) to plead guilty. The New York Crime Commission admits that the very act of plea bargaining is criminal. Pleading to something you did not do or a lesser charge. These brainwashed sons of bitches in law enforcement of every branch are heathens. Misguided, prejudiced, untouchable, close-minded goons!

“(That which mankind  admires in) a truly moral man is his energy, the exuberance of life which urges him to give his intelligence, his feeling, his action, asking nothing in return. The solitary being is wretched, restless, because he cannot share his thoughts and feeling with others.”  Peter Kropotkin said that. As beautiful young beings and old we desire to work. We desire to tell people we exist and feel.  We cry and laugh. These rules and torturous long sentences in this building without grass under our feet and sunshine is wrong on so many levels. Visits behind glass for the unconvicted and misdemeanants is absurd. In prison you hold hands for an hour or more with your loved ones and share a meal. Why are we letting this happen? As a revolutionist I cannot sleep. I search for answers.

They have wrongly charged me for $20 in medical again.  They are thieves. They only get away with it because they are in here and protected. I think I have work release but no job. I need one please, anybody out there help. I grew up in nursery business and landscaping. I am a carpenter. Strong back, strong mind. These walls are getting to me. No art supplies. The stole all my decent pencils that were given to me from STARR drug program.

The system is broken and sometimes in history what was moral yesterday is not today and needs a makeover. Hundreds if not thousands of years we have dealt with this oppressive guilt of law and order. Manmade law is shit. Trust yourself, lead by example, be a good fucking neighbor. The real monster is this growing criminal justice system. Militarization of police. Push bars on race car cruisers. Ridiculous. We have to stop it. They are the terrorists. I fear the police. I have seen and fought in the darker side of life, but our judicial system is fucking scary.

All means are justified in the war of humanity against its enemies. Stopping the torture here in DCJ is a drop in the bucket. Thanks I.O.A. for your help and this needs to spread in NC and the country. As we speak, my toilet is broken and has been for an hour. It is in a constant, high-powered, high-volume flush. Hundreds of gallons a minute going down the drain literally. I told the guard and he seriously looked at me in the eye and said ‘I don’t hear it.’ It sounds like a fucking train. Sadistic son-of-a-bitch. I can barely write with the noises from my earhole. They could easily open the water closet door between the cells and pull a lever to turn it off. I have seen the insides of these water closets—a child could do it. He looked at me like I was crazy for asking him to do it. Also, I asked to sit in dayroom to read. He said ‘No! Lockback sir.’ I guess me and freight train toilet will lay back and grow angrier and more disillusioned with the American dream.

The days are so monotonous…The walls are closing in. I ask friends to help me find any job out there so I can work. Fresh air and be able to be part of something. The solitude is unbearable…I wonder why no cries of the tormented souls here pierce the walls of the block, much less the heart of mankind. Why prolong the agony of caring and remaining quiet? No one heeds, none cares, unless perhaps my firend, my people that understand, –but they feel so far away and helpless.

Helpless…These god-forsaken walls and idiots have organization, funding, and are perceived by the masses of sheeple to keep order. American planes accidentally bombed a hospital in Afghanistan today. These goons are terrorists.

David Eli Davis

Long Live the Guerilla


*****if you have any leads on a work release job for Eli, please write to him: David E. Davis, B61969, P.O. Box 771, Durham, NC 27702

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