‘The new way DCJ is covering up its dirty laundry’

Dec 1, 2015

Dear —

Hello, it’s me KH. It’s been a while since I have wrote Inside-Outside. But I have been monitoring your actions. I see changes in areas of the jail. Your protest against the lockback was a success in my book and I thank you for your support. I’m going on my 25th month in this place, not much change as far as my case. But I felt the need to write to you to inform you of the new way DCJ is trying to cover up its “dirty laundry.” At 1:00 pm on Dec. 1st memos were posted in our pods informing us of a private group, NCCHC (The National Commission on Correctional Care) wants to come do a survey on the health care conditions. But here is the “trick:” to participate in the survey you must send a request in writing to the office in Chicago, IL, at least 5 days before the survey is going to take place, which is on the 10th-11th of December. That means your request must be at the office in Chicago, IL before December 5th. Mail won’t be picked up from the pods until after 11:00 Dec. 2nd and who knows when it leaves the building. Which means the odds of beating the deadline of Dec. 5th is very, very slim. Plus, Dec. 5th is a Saturday, so actually the mail would need to be there on the 4th. No stamps are provided for inmates to mail out, which means no one could really take the survey. I find it hard to believe the facility is just finding out about this survey. They choose to withhold the information as long as possible. So no inmates can take the survey. I called my daughter in Georgia and gave her the information and she sent my request to the office along with the untimely fashion DCJ posted the memo. I also places a grievance in the kiosk of my concerns so it is documented. I will include the address to the office of the NCCHC in this letter so you all can be our voice of how DCJ is trying to sabotage the survey.

My health has improved. I stopped eating the high carb foods they serve us, bringing my blood sugar levels back to normal. Yes, I’m hungry, but I’m not sick anymore. Lack of stamps has stopped me from writing. My savings has gone to $0.00. I will try to hustle up a stamp when I can unless you can send me some. Keep up the support. You all are doing a great job. Once (we) fix the health care problem, the “big fish” Aramark is next!

Please send mail to NCCHC letting them know of the $20.00 fees for every sick call and no real health care treatment. They feel an aspirin will cure any problem. And some of the RNs and doctors are so rude and uncaring.



NCCHC (National Commission on Correctional Health Care

1145 W. Diversey Pkwy

Chicago, IL 60614-1318

A private company looking into the health care system at Durham County Detention Facility on Thursday Dec. 10th and Friday Dec. 11th.

A protest on those days up in the day would be a good thing!

Well timed

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