Sheriff smacks his lips, says food is mmm, mmm, good

From William, outside of DCDF:

I spent about two months in the jail and got out last month (October). I worked in the kitchen for part of the time I was in there. That was eye-opening. It really shows what they think of us—that we’re less than human. Or worse than animals. Funny thing though, one day the sheriff himself (Mike Andrews) comes up there, him and one of his Uncle Tom assistants, and they say, ‘Give us some of what you’re serving there.’ And then they’re all eating it, like, ‘mmm, this is good. Ain’t nothing wrong with this food at all. We can’t see what nobody’s complaining about. If it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for them. Nope, nothing wrong with this food at all.’ If I remember correctly, they ate about three bites, and then they were gone. It was all just a show. The food is awful, not fit for humans to eat (and there’s not enough, anyway). Those guys weren’t fooling no one.


4 thoughts on “Sheriff smacks his lips, says food is mmm, mmm, good

  1. Williams memory needs to be refreshed. I believe I had a couple of helpings of baked beans and cold slaw, in addition those men had cooked some chicken wings which they shared . The food was good and I did spend time speaking with the men working that day for about 15 mins. I do tour the facility at times and speak with those in the facility working or awaiting court. Thank You.

    • We find it remarkable that the sheriff writes of ‘touring’ a facility that he nominally oversees. We’re so glad the sheriff says he enjoyed his food on the day in question, but that’s not what most people say. The ‘chicken wings’ referred to are also not a regular meal, but are part of a marked-up ‘hot plate’ menu that’s available to rip off inmates and families and make Aramark a profit. And, a 15 minute tour is not the same as being locked up. We believe prisoners (and former prisoners).

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