Let’s Roar Loud and Clear!

Nov. 6 What’s good, Me nothing much, just building and maintaining. I peeped the new issue, it was GREAT! I liked your analogy, the lion that sleeps, Ima use that from now on, that’s my title, my religious name was good but now I need some of that rebel energy, and anybody that knows me will inform you that’s my personality. I was thinking of something though maybe like a committee, a big town meeting you should demand a sit down with the mayor, if declined: an all out mass protest!! Non-stop rebel energy. That one event could cause mass media coverage! It could make history. You never know–look what MLK did back in the 60s. Why can’t we go harder than them, we’re fighting for the same thing freedom! Oh, I’m not asking for help on my case, I kinda got that down pat, lawyer or no lawyer. I just need y’all in the trial room. If that jury sees a support system and the IOA Brotherhood: 1. I’m going home fo’sure 2. It shows there are no limits to our spirit. 3. It shows a real alliance…To the party matter, it needs to be a party to get into the widestream america we’re not stopping in Durham, this is just the BEGINNING! We’re not gonna stop in america…In ten years, if we get the right voices, the right courage and fully organized we can be walking up the steps of the white house, ah, wouldn’t that be beautiful, this party would look like the struggle, the wise, the old, the minority, the forgotten, the felons, the young, and the working class, the 90%. We would be organized, operated as one, there would be 5 heads of the committee, one for each section: hispanic/ Black /white/ old/ young. 5 major voices to speak for those who they represent. All at one table coming to one agreement to bring to the bosses, congress, supreme court, governors, etc. We will engage everybody equally with love, peace, truth, and justice no matter who they are and the only goal we want is true equality, not the ‘throw a bone at the lion just to get it to stop roaring’ like they’ve been doing these past 50 years. It’s been going on too long, let’s roar loud and clear. We will uprise, overstand, and overachieve. My kids will see this utopia we speak on. As long as 2 or more come in the name of god we shall make progress. Until then, keep fighting!

The Lion that Slept, part 1

Ever since a cub, this lion was strong as he could be.

A natural born king, oh so great was he.

But without reason to protest, he ate and slept, not knowing how much he could change.

Until one day a bee passed by, “Oh, lion you could do so much more, you sleep? Oh why, oh why?”

“Move” the lion roared. “I sleep and live my days, lay in the sun, and hunt my prey.”

“But what about your brothers in the zoo,” the bee protested. “Will you not save them, is there any courage in you?” The lion began to ponder at this issue at hand, he shook his mane, awakened, roared, and took a stand. –MMS–The lion that slept!

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