‘Officers who beat me got fired’

Dear Inside-Outside Alliance,

Hey, I am doing fine. Mad a little bit. So just to update y’all, so they fired Officer Smith and Officer Alston. Yes, please share my story on everything, newsletters and website. I’m not in the hole no more, but still locked back. Thanks for y’all support and love. I really do appreciate it. I did have a mental breakdown though. I had to be put on observation and in a turtle suit, but that’s because I wanted to be moved and they wouldn’t move me. I was having flashbacks. Before officer Alston got fired, she was telling every inmate in 4D how her and Smith beat my ass. I’ve been wondering since they fired Smith and Alston why am I still locked back? I’m a person that fights for my rights even if it gets physical. It’s not fair that they come to work and pick on us and try to bully us just cause they can. It’s not right. Now everytime I have a problem with an officer I put a grievance on the kiosk. Publish my letters and you can use the officer’s names and my name. I hope you get my other letters I wrote to y’all cause I haven’t got them back. I sent one last week and another one like a week or two before that.

Thanks again for the love and support.

They be holding the mail, but it’s hard to tell. Did y’all get my letter I sent y’all 2 of them. This is the 3rd letter.

When I get out I want to join y’all. May God bless y’all. Keep up the good work. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot:

They passed the inspection!! W.T.F.!! (what the fuck) The inspector really didn’t look at nothing but the shower.

How? Why? Mildew on the walls. People getting bit by the ‘no-see-em’ bugs in the shower. Downstairs it’s clumps of dirt in the cells. People got old dried up blood on cell walls, and writing on the walls.

Something just not right here. Dirt in vents that we inhale every day. That can be toxic and kill us. Let’s not forget the safety hazard–what happens if a fire breaks out. We got to wait for them to pop the doors and to unlock the door to the stairs. The mats got holes in them, some bigger than others. WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON??? We ain’t even animals to them. We are everything below a human and a animal. Not fair!! Sorry to write so much but stuff just be bothering me. One time I went to medical and for my knee cause I dislocated my knee like 3 times so it still hurts when it gets cold or if I don’t move around, but it’s a nurse in medical with a African accent, she told me it’s because I’m fat and putting too much weight on my knee. I blanked on her cause I’m not even 200 lbs. yet, but she gave me a tylenol for a week. What the world! IDK how they gone get the money I owe cause I don’t have family that’s helping me and I owe them like 44.73 or .75 or something like that. W/B.

Your sister in the sruggle,

Genapher Page

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