‘I hate when people treat me like a non-factor…’

Dear I.O.A.

Thanks for ya’ll letter and concern. I’m okay I’m still alive ain’t died yet. DCJ ain’t shit! The officers come in here with attitudes just cause they can’t be in the men pods or cause they don’t want to be here, period. They always come at me with bad attitudes for no reason. I get mad as hell because I don’t think it’s right that they come in here threatening me but if I did that to them they want to press charges. So I was reading the letters other inmates wrote and it’s true the food sucks and if we don’t want to eat they force us to eat. Also, how some people be having having problems with Lt. Col. Perkins and Major Couch, they are the same people that told me I need to shut up and stop writing and complaining cause they are not decreasing my lockback sanctions cause I hit first, and my thing is they set me up: they planned to jump me and it’s not right. I want to start a protest on the inside cause I believe even though we are in here we can still stand for what we believe in, inmates or detainees or whatever they call us are not animals but people just like them and we deserve to be respected and treated equally.

I wanted to find out the may’s address and the zip code to the white house cause I want even the president to know what’s going on. I want to reach out to anybody that can make a change. Anything I write to ya’ll, please submit it in newsletters, facebook, whatever, cause I’m already locked back. So what more can they do? Beat me, rape, taze, etc. I don’t care cause I be having real bad pressure on my brain and the only thing they tell me when I go to medical is, “Oh, that’s your allergies.” The nurse told me she would give me allergy medicine and the nurse came the next day with Tylenol. I thought I was getting allergy medicine? I think something more is going with my head other than allergies cause when the officers jumped on me and was punching me is when the pressure in my head started getting worse and I got a soft spot in my head. So I think it got a lot to do with it. And then I’m one of the people that don’t get canteen cause I owe medical like $40 or $60, so I stay hungry. The food makes my stomach hurt and get me hearburn, then more of the Tylenol and magal plus. Yeah, I cuss them out cause I hate when people treat me like a non-factor or anything less than a human. I fight for what I believe in. Do you think people will protest with me if I can get all 3 floors to participate in it?

Thanks for the love and support. Also, I don’t think it’s right that women officers strip search the men and be grabbing their private parts. It was an officer here that was pregnant by a inmate. So wrong. And Sgt. Jones, he smokes crack then comes here to try and feel on the women here. Please seek justice for us. We need ya’ll so much in here. Thanks again…Please help.

Yours true,


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