‘I was in fear for my life. I could’ve died.’


My name is Genapher Page. I’m 22 years old locked up for felony probation violation, 2 counts felony assault inflicting physical injuries on detention employer, communicating threats and resisting a public officer. Here’s the story behind my lockback situation. On 9-26-15 I was told to go to my cell because I was helping another inmate pack her stuff to go to prison so the detention officer Rachael Smith started yelling at me and I lost my temper and tried to walk past her. She jumped in front of me and two male officers grabbed me from behind while Smith grabbed my feet and I was carried into my cell where I was then jumped by 6 to 8 other officers, where I was being strangled by Sgt. Jones that left a cut mark around my neck and bruises on my arms, scratches on my back and bruises on the left side of my head, and a scratch mark on my right cheek. I was kicked by Smith in my head. I was in fear for my life. I could’ve died. I was put in the hole (3A) for a couple hours. When I came back to 5D Smith was making faces at my door everytime she walked by. So I chilled out for the rest of the day. So on 9-27-15 at about 15 mins till 12 I was told I had to go to booking. An officer named Alston came and I told her I wasn’t going and went back to sleep. Smith was working that day also. She came and stood in my door looking at me so as Alston and a male put handcuffs on me Smith held her jacket over her nose and started fanning the air like something stinks. So I’m walking slow, the male officer (I don’t know his name) told me, “We ain’t got time for that today.” I said, “We got nothing but time.” So as I’m walking toward the door keep in mind I got cuffs on, Smith comes and walks on my left side and I haul off and hit her in the face with my elbow. The male officer that was on my right side pushes me on the ground while Smith and Alston is punching me in the head. I’m being held down with cuffs on while being striked many times in the head. Now I’m locked back for 60 days, then even after that I’m on Admin Segregation. I was told that if I left and came back the consequences still stand. I put in a sick call on 9-30-15 and they still haven’t seen me. Depending on the officer they barely want to open my door to feed me or if somebody gave me some noodles they don’t want to open my door so I can get them. They won’t let me get no hot water to cook the noodles. They think I’m going to hurt them when that’s not the case. Just assaulting one officer messed me up getting the medical attention that I need. I been having to deal with …infection and still ain’t seen a nurse. It’s not fair.

Sincerely yours,

Genapher Page

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