‘I feel like something has to give’

What’s good with you? Me just maintaining, taking this shit day by day. About the time thing, according to some d.o.’s we’re supposed to be out really from 9-1 pm and 4-7 pm. In all reality we get from 9-12:45 and 4-6:45. Only a 15 min difference on both but we need all that time.

Another thing, for some reason for the past three times they have taken our first walk (9-12:45) for no apparent reason, only giving us from 4-6:45. When we tried to ask why, the d.o.’s acted like they didn’t know what we were talking about or they didn’t get the okay to let us out…

It’s still the same old bullshit. Now it’s a rumor that one of the d.o.’s told an inmate that the processed meat they give us for dinner (sandwiches) isn’t good and it gave someone prostate cancer. How tf do you catch prostate cancer? I really don’t know what type shit they on, but I feel like something has to give.

Well that’s really the update on our end. Ooh, I almost forgot I heard two female d.o.’s got fired for handcuffing and beating up a female inmate. That shit crazy. Other than that, I’m about to call it a night. So take care.


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