‘A joke so funny you’ll forget to laugh’


It’s good to hear from you, I was meaning to write to you. — is a good guy, he is doing his time on state now. Sorry if this letter is short and not more in depth. I’m just not much in mood for writing lately, so thanks for kind of stirring me up because this is not a place you want to let depression take over. Anyway, what follows is a letter I was going to send out en masse but I don’t really know who to all send it to (besides you), I kind of feel like nobody cares. So maybe you’ll be able to use it, and please by all means use my name, and I’ll talk to anyone who wants to talk to me. You’re right, things need to change here, everything from backed-up toilets not getting fixed for days, to what is basically slave labor, to inmate abuse, to only getting shaving razors once a week so you’re forced to go into court looking like you crawled from under a rock (where you’d probably eat better), to medical, a joke so funny you’ll forget to laugh. Durham Co Jail is still in the U.S.A., isn’t it? Well, I hope I can help, and thanks again.

Best wishes,

Jeffrey Collins

P.S. Yes, I did file an excessive force grievance.

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