‘Obviously jail isn’t a place for anyone’

What’s good man? My fault for writing back late. Just had a lot on my mind lately. I’ve been fine since I been in here, met a lot of cool people (believe it or not) but overall fine. Personally I like the switch to 8 hours a day, cause it makes my time go by faster. To be honest, screw the detention officers, as long as they don’t put they hands on me I’m fine. I kept looking at your letter on my desk like damn I should write back, it came to me one night, I was blessed for you to write me so I should return the favor. This past Friday you all was there/here, but I’m looking out there like damn I messed up. And to make matters worse, we get shitty trays to eat. But I see this as a lesson. I’m still young so if the Lord God would bless me with probation instead of the 36 months in Adult Corrections (prison) then I’ll change my life around. Cause obviously jail and prison isn’t a place for anyone. 5 months is some time tho think about changing my life. I wake up some mornings like damn, has 5 months of my life gone already? I’ve missed a lot of important shit since being in here. And I might be in here my birthday. I pray I get out soon, so I can go back to school and keep working in my job. I’ve been blessed with this opportunity.

Take care and write back.


P.S. Write a guy named —–. I think he would like a letter.

Hope you like my poem.

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