‘The system is full of shit and they know it’

It’s the land of the free, but are we really “free?” I sit in my cell every day and think why are we as black people still enslaved by the system. It doesn’t matter how far along we come, the math always adds up the same. Prisons around the U.S. still house black slaves. 85% (or some such number) of inmates are black, and they make 2 dollars a day for farming and other road jobs. The system believes its better off building a new jail or prison than paying teachers. And if your record is bad, they don’t give you a job. But they don’t care what type of record you have when you are working for 2 dollars a day in prison. The system is full of shit and they know it. So as black men we really don’t have no wins, but the longer they hold me the smarter and wiser I become.

I just had to write and let you know what was on my mind. This jail still on some bullshit. Also, they give us only 6 hours and 35 minutes when they told the newspaper we get 8 hours out of our room. Also, they don’t even give us 6 hours because they will come up with some bullshit like the jail’s on lockdown. We can’t win in here. But I’ll never lose faith in the man upstairs. He see all the wrong. They gonna have to answer to god sooner or later.

I respect the IOA. Y’all are our voice outside and I like how y’all stand for something and don’t look at us that locked up like we are animals. May god bless all of y’all hearts and I will always have a spot for y’all in my heart.




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