‘Inside I’m a lion!’

Hey —,

How are things? I am well, the move (from pod to pod) was rough, but I’ll survive. I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner, I was wondering when you guys would receive that letter (sent in September, received a month later).

I want to say thank you to everyone for this campaign and applaud them for their persistence. (Thank you I say {with much emotion} for caring for me, and us–Thank you.) How great a battle we all are fighting, how sweet a victory. Strange how there is no notice or official statements from our Jailer. Our hours out are 9 am-12:45 and 4pm-6:45. It is a very sweet victory but only for one battle. I hate to say it, but I honestly believe that the letters you send me and the ones I send you are being intercepted. I sent that letter so long ago. The recent new thing here now is the mail isn’t getting received by Durham County Jail stamped with the date. Strange, huh?

I really enjoy your letters…I love learning, I believe there is so much out there. I really enjoy reading literature, especially from older writers, short fiction mostly…

In my sleep I dream of freedom. When I wake up I’m imprisoned. They want to take my spirit, they want to use me. I am a slave. My heart and mind are free–they cannot take that. We are treated in ways that are disturbing and graphic. Inside I’m a lion! When I see a wrong being done I feel anger and I want to intervene. They take the sun from my skin, they feed me with things that others won’t eat. To them I am less. I don’t hate them, but I despise the way things are. Time is against us. It won’t wait for us to change or notice our shortcomings. I am a prisoner. My skin is pale. I thirst for knowledge and companions who seek the same. Sometimes I sit for 15-20 minutes lost in thought. Peace is not in me, neither will I have it. I will fight to death, my war can never be won, because it’s forever. I won’t see victory but I will be in the battle for it. I am not white black or brown. I’m human.

Until next time,


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