‘It is the jail’s fault I am in pain’

I have a couple of issues I need your help with. The first one is my denture plate has still not been fixed and this problem has been going on since 8-25-15. That was a lot of days ago and I am in pain everyday because I have to put them in to eat and when I do they cut the inside of my mouth and my gums and when I had my lawyer call and ask what is taking so long, they being medical talked to her like she was a piece of shit and would not tell her anything. That is my lawyer and she cannot get a straight answer from them so you know I cannot. So I wrote my lawyer on the kiosk to see if there is any way I can make them pay me for pain and suffering because if it is the jail’s fault that they are broken and I am in pain. But my lawyer is court appointed so I do not know how much or how far she is willing to go. So I was wondering if there is any way you or someone you know could help me with this matter or not. You said that you all had a call-in day for someone and that if I had a similar problem of dire emergency you could act in similar way as you did with the call-in. So yes I would like for you to do whatever you can to help me with this problem because I cannot do it by myself and I do not have any money to pay somebody to help me, and I do not have anybody out there who I can count on other than you all. I cannot call the phone number (I got) for (a journalist) because my pin number does not work and I cannot get them to fix it. I have been trying for about a month now to get it fixed. If you want to publish any of this you can surely use my name because I am very proud of what I write and I want everybody to know it. Well, so long for now and I will surely write again. Write back soon.

Charles Kendall

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