“I was told by a guard that two men have died of heart attacks as a direct result of improper care by CCS”


When the girls and I at the table realized who you were, we were excited. Your letter came just in time, for there is much to discuss. I want to start out on a good note, the girls and I realize how truly blessed we are to be surrounded by great women such as DO Taylor, DO Franklin, DO Solman, and DO/Chaplin Wynn. We are also blessed to be able to attend the STARR program, which helps us to understand our addiction and helps connect us to resources within the community.

It is unfortunate that we are still struggling to be provided the simple necessities, such as toilet paper, spoons, and cups. On Friday, October 2nd, 2015, I started asking for toilet paper at 1pm and was told there was none. After complaining for six and a half hours, I was finally given a roll. The next day, I witnessed five to six other inmates with the same issue.

When a girl is brought up from booking and has no spoon or cup in her bag, she is made to feel like she is a burden to get one. Also, because of the continued moisture in the cups and our inability to wash them correctly, there is mold growing in them. Many of us, before coming to jail, were tax payers, and most inmates have tax-paying families. If for no other reason, we should be provided simple things.

I can say many things about CCS (the medical provider) and none of them would be good. I was told by a guard that two men have died of heart attacks as a direct result of improper care by CCS. They probably still collected their twenty dollars as I have seen them do while giving nothing more than band-aids for infections like Mercer and cups of salt for abcested teeth.

There is much more I could say about that but I am going to end with this. I don’t feel so voiceless anymore, now that I’ve been able to write this letter and have my concerns heard. I am also not ashamed of what I write, so please feel free to use my whole name.


Brandie E. Foor

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