‘Ima keep working on that wall to bring it down’


This was composed because I had to vent about it. Please post on the website. I hope this certain individual notices it…I broke my fourth toe (no one seems to know its name) playing basketball. I was checked out and sent to the hospital to be fixed up. Anyway I was taken by a sheriff by the name of —-. She keep me company 4 the painful 4 hours in Duke Regional. We talked a lot, laughed, shared knowledge, and I spoke of dreams. She didn’t venture too far from the wall which separated us. Even though we clicked. She’s 36 I guess, I’m 18 (double my age), we clicked, or so I believe. Either I been incarcerated too long or I just really felt it, I can say I found hope…My situation that day, as queer as it was, turned out to be a good experience. I was hoping she looked (this) site up so I can say, I thought about you every day since (not to be weird) and it was a good memory, and I hope you can say the same Miss T, and Ima keep working on that wall to bring it down.

Mu’izz Mumit Shakur

Oh the days so clear but the thought of you clouds my mind.

The brief encounter was magical, so that connection I helplessly search for

As it disappears and becomes harder to find.

Two different worlds, two different suites, but my mind told me it was real and

My heart said it was true.

You’re the angel I been searching 4, I know Allah sent you.

So when the clouds clear and I see your heavenly face.

I hope that our circumstances will allow us to walk gracefully amongst the rain.


Knowledge (1)

+ Wisdom (2)

= Understanding (3)


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