‘Years without sun can wreak havoc on your insides and mind’


I am serving a D.U.I. sentence here in D.C.J. For those who do not know about the Misdemeanor Confinement Program, it is the newest torture device used in the criminal justice courts. It essentially means that misdemeanants serve their time in jail. The interesting part is that in A Citizen’s Guide to Structured Sentencing (Revised 2012), prepared by the North Carolina Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission, it shows two punishment charts—one for felonies and one for misdemeanors. The maximum active punishment for a misdemeanor A1 level III is 1-150 days. It goes on to say verbatim, “a misdemeanant who receives an active punishment of 90 days or less serves the sentence in the local confinement facility. A misdemeanant who receives an active punishment of more than 90 days and up to 180 days is committed to the statewide misdemeanant confinement program and serves the sentence in a local confinement facility designated by the program.” I say all that to say this: Durham County Jail is one of these facilities that houses MCPs. D.U.I. sentences are or can be up to 3 years under misdemeanor guidelines. That chart exists in thin air I guess. I have never seen and don’t understand. I received 3 years though. Some say that is cut in half. My paid lawyer doesn’t know shit about all these changes, and neither did several Orange County judges.

Durham County Jail is not set up to house inmates that long. Some sergeants and guards have said that. We are the test dummies. Jail is not prison. Prison allows for some similarities of natural human existence on this God-forsaken planet, or at least this country. Hostages taken by the state get room to move in the sun. Work for, and a sense of purpose. Class and functions to enlighten the mind. It is still horrible and wrong on every level.

My point is sanity can exist in prison confines because it was designed for people to live there. Jail was not. No dental floss, no contact visits, all this cruel shit. People have said it all before how fucked up it is in here. It is. It is meant as a holding tank. A middle man between prison or rehab or probation. Not to serve sentences.

This disgusts me about this new law and housing men here long term!! This is a humanitarian issue. My bowels and health are going to pot eating junk. No sunshine is absurd! Years without sun can wreak havoc on your insides and mind.

In allowing the mass incarceration of Amerikans we are sending a message to this capitalist democracy that warehousing and enslaving the addicted, the confused, the malnourished, undereducated, manipulated, scared, 9 to 5 man, will be tolerated…Long live the Guerilla!

Don’t hide my name. I have been chewed on by these dogs. Not scared. I speak the truth.

David “Eli” Davis

Please send literature and anything I can do to help. I will be in jail here awhile until we fight this and win. I try every day. I want to subscribe to your newsletter. And my family will love to get it as well. Thanks.

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