‘I feel like I am in a P.O.W. camp’


How are you? Thanks for the letter, and thanks for your support with Inside-Outside Alliance. Please tell everyone that comes out on Fridays and protest that I said thanks very, very much. I’m in decent spirits but am not doing well at all.

I can speak for myself that medical will and do neglect people. I had put in a sick call telling them that I can’t eat bologna or salami. Their response was we have no control of what food they put on trays, and we do not have special diet trays. So I tried to eat the bologna, and the salami but every time I would vomit, so I sent another sick call to medical and this time their response was ‘get around it.’ So, now I just eat breakfast and lunch. I do not receive canteen, so I just go hungry. I feel like I am in a P.O.W. camp.

July 16, 2015 I had a falling down the stairs. When medical arrived they asked me do I hurt anywhere. I told them my back and my knees. They told the c.o. to sit me against the wall. I asked them not to move me because I was in so much pain, but medical told them to move me anyway. They dragged me across the floor and sat me against the wall. They did not try to support my neck or legs, they just picked me up, put me in a wheelchair with no feet support and all the way down to medical with my feet dragging on the floor. They can not lie about this because it is on video.

In medical they took me to a room picked me up out of the wheelchair, not caring about how much pain I was in, and sat me on a stretcher. A sergeant came in the room yelling at me like it was my fault for falling down the stairs. They all walked out of the room and locked the door. The nurse was very disrespectful and had a very nasty attitude. They would not help me on the table, so they could take x-rays of my knees. I tried to tell them it was not so much my knees, it was my back, that is where most of the pain is coming from. They never did check my back out. They just gave me tylenol for pain. After the x-ray they sent me back to my room and put me on bed rest.

At night I would be in so much pain I would just lay in bed and cry myself to sleep. An inmate suggested for me to ask medical for a warm or a cold pack for my back. I sent a request to medical and their response was they do not provide warm or cold packs. I know they lied to me because the inmate that told me to suggest it he had one and he got it from medical.

I’m still having so much pain in my back. Some nights I have a hard time sleeping. I do have other health problems but I feel there is no need for me to go to medical because they have showed me that they are not going to help me.

P.S. I need help. Thank you. –U.A.

Will you please make a copy of this letter and send it to ABC11 News? I would love for them to have a copy of the video to show on the news how they treat people up here, and I would like to have a interview with them so I can tell them more about my problems with medical. If we can get this video on the news it will show the county commissioners that Sheriff Andrews lied about what is going on up here in medical.


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