‘We are held responsible for our mistakes, so why aren’t they?’

I got your letter today and as always it is great to hear from you. There are a couple of issues I have and I hope that you will print them in the newsletter and yes you can use my name that is ok. with me. Anyways, I have been trying since 8-25-15 to get my bottom denture plate fixed that was broken during a shakedown of our cells because (maybe some) inmates took the razor blades out of the razors the night before but it was not discovered until they changed shifts the next day. They took up the razors after we use them, which is about 30 minutes after they hand them out, but when they took them up they were not checked until the next morning, but none of the officers were ever reprimanded but yet we are held responsible for our mistakes, so why aren’t they?

I also have a medical problem with my foot. It was operated on when I was out about 10 years ago. Not that I have been locked up that long, I have only been here about 2.5 months, but anyways I have been having problems with the bone in it. It feels to me like a piece of the bone is coming through the skin and I have been trying for about a month now to get something done and I have been to medical about 4 times with it already at $20.00 every time I go, but they look at it and try to tell me it is a bunion. But I keep telling them it is not that it is where I almost cut it off and now my big toe on my left foot is growing sideways under my other toes and it is because the bone has broken loose again. All they have to do is take a x-ray and it will show them what is going on, but they do not want to do that. All they want to do is keep taking my money. Well, I am going to close for now, so please write back soon.

Charles Kendall

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