‘We ain’t taking the abuse no more’

I.O.A.                                                                                                                          10-7-15

Thank you for writing me back. From now on I want my name put on anything you print that I send/wrote to you all at I.O.A..

I want others to know I voice my opinion and speak facts when it comes to me/us as prisoners at the Durham County Jail.

The article I sent you about “No Use Complaining to the People That Are the Problem” (Volume 11, Oct. Issue), that is a very true statement. Without others such as I.O.A. we wouldn’t have made what progress we have made. By some of the detention officers’ expressions and actions you can tell they can’t stand it that we got just a couple hours more of so-called freedom. I often hear “It won’t last long.” Well, if it don’t it’s the county’s doing, not ours.

A friend of mine was pushed on the floor by force one morning last week. I called his family, gave them your website to post his situation on the blog. I know my friend’s have posted blogs, they read them to me when I call. The jail staff needs to realize we got people out there that will get involved. We ain’t taking the abuse no more. D.C.J. has gotten away with b.s. for way too long.

I am an advocate, a voice, not just a person held under ransom (a bond). According to them (justice system) I’m innocent until proven guilty. Bullshit–I’m treated as guilty until I prove my innocence.

Almost forgot: Over two months and I still haven’t been called to the dentist, plus there’s another person in the dorm with me, pod 5B that’s going through the same thing. There is no telling all the men and women at this place that need medical treatment and are just given half azz treatment most of the time. It’s no good.

Right is right/ wrong is wrong, whatever the case may be.

Love is love, be easy.

John Thomas Weaver


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