‘It’s still the same in here’

Hey —,

I’m doing a little better now that we come out twice a day. I think I know who you are now. Correct me if I’m wrong but you’re the one with the —–? Anyways, that’s not important. It’s still the same in here: oppression from officers; bad, bad food; medical is still taxed $20 for ibuprofen, smh. I believe that they took us off lockback only to cover up EVERYTHING else. Maybe thinking we would stop writing so on and so forth. I’m ready to leave this place. This shit is for the birds, but we live and we learn. Oh yeah, the list of people who want letters and feedbacks: (8 names)

Those are only a couple of names off the top of my head. Still the same old shit just a different day. Please keep me informed on any updates.

Take care.


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