‘They use the jail to break a person down’

The following letter is from someone now in a state facility.


…I got the feedback and read it. It does bring back bad memories of that place (DCDF). I couldn’t believe the sick calls have gone up to $20 a visit. With the jail overcrowded, look for A LOT of pleas being taken.

They use the jail to break a person down to accept a plea. That is why the bonds are so high sometimes. 

I remember when I was there, any time I moved around like to the library, or sick call, I looked in the sergeant’s office and there is a picture of the jail and written in magic marker it says “OUR HOUSE.”

It always bothers me how many people call their place of work “Our House.” It seems unusual and weird.

It’s crazy about their lockback time. If one pod has too many, send a few to another, it’s simple. But they do it on purpose. So guards don’t have to (watch) inmates running around the pod and the guard can go to sleep.

I could see I.O.A. growing. Every time someone gets locked up and can’t make bail another family should hear about I.O.A. and contribute some time to help.

By the way, a sick call call here is $5, $7 for an emergency and $10 for a doctor’s visit or dentist (in prison, people have the opportunity to earn money).

I was very glad to get your letter. I was going through a drought there for a while with no mail.

A lot of people were interested in the feedback, so I let them read it and gave them I.O.A. address and a little explanation of what they do.

Take care.


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