‘Exhale conformity’: Two Poems by MMS


To the finish line eternal life we go

E RASE All your fears Allah will open the doors.

In the courthouse of life emancipate yourself from failure

ERASE the chance of 3rd place finish A+ 1st a success rate

At the brink of social suffocation inhale individualism and exhale conformity

ERASE the feeling of disease of being a part of the masses jog to individuality.

This is the END Reflect on my words of self-expression and

ERASE envy out of your soul…

When does the Sun come Up

I’ve done so much labor when do my faults bare

Through the rain it seems that the blue skies will never appear.

The happiness gone, because there’s no life coming from

The seeds in which I’ve sown.

God my question is, when does the sun come up?

When is it my time to shine?

My will of fire burns but it seems so dim compared to the darkness outside!

I ask you one more time, when does the sun come up?

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