‘Always full of prolonging smiles’: 3 poems by MMS

Make Me Believe

Make me believe that you’re really there for me.

Make me believe that love and loyalty is really what you try to achieve.

Make me believe you really will ride 4 the new cause at hand.

Make me believe if you get knocked off you ride your time out like a real man.

Make me believe that your intentions are true.

Make me believe that your life is a promising tool.

I Wonder Y, Part II

Sometimes I wonder why I’m such a lonely guy, no love for me and nobody knows why. Maybe I expect too much while also longing 4 honest and loving touch. I embraced the fact that love is complicated, at some point it will begin to run dry, you know sometimes I wonder why. Why is there never truth just lies that happen to have a little proof? Why is there never peace but so much pain coming from inside of me? I wonder why my childhood was plagued with so many tears, never happy, always full of prolonging smiles that reappear when someone ask me what’s wrong, to long to tell the truth so I smile to make them see I’m strong enough to carry on. Sometimes I wonder why.



They hate no reason why,

I don’t even understand how, they

Always wanna compare, kuz they can’t

do it as well nor like me.


by Mu’izz Mumit Shakur

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