I’m still being harassed



I hope that this letter finds you in good health. I must inform you that I’m still being harassed! Last week by Correctional Officer “Gathers.” While on, that was supposed to have been 4 hours turn to 2 hours. C.O. Gathers wouldn’t open my door for me to walk. Stated: “yesterday, you was at someone’s door when you was out walking.” Since I could remember when we can’t talk to someone at their door downstairs. Sgt. even is the only officer doing that on her shift. Lt. Russle is advised of what she’s doing but, yet, hasn’t done nothing about it. Also, I’m being deprived of my rights here to a set court date. Here, I been in this jail since 9-2-14 and the kiosk (that I made a copy of) stated today 9-21-15 I supposedly went to court! I’ve been pending trial which now I’m being dragged!

Thank you, —, for helping me get through the rough time by being supportive with these letters I’ve saved up! Please follow me next week to trial if Assistant District Attorney James P. Dornfried stop continuing it! Please post this on “Feedback Newsletter” with my whole name. One love!

Yours truly,

Sammy Morgan

P.S. (I.O.A. I’m joining y’all when I best these charges in trial)

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