‘I didn’t give up’

I just got your letter today on 9-17-15 but your letter was sent out on 8-26-15. I am sending you part of the envelope so that you can see when you sent it out and when I received it.

First of all, I want to thank you and everyone else for what you all are doing for us in here. I tried to go through medical and get myself some reading glasses because I am in STARR. It is a program for people with addictions and it is a good class. I have been learning a lot about my addiction but anyway let me get back to the problem at hand. I have been trying since 8-31-15 when the class started to get reading glasses so I could read and do my class work, but medical told me they do not give out glasses. But I didn’t give up. Today is 9-19 and medical brought me a pair today. They are not too strong but I guess they are better than nothing. But it took three weeks to get them and class graduates (last) Friday 9-25. Maybe it is not too late for me to graduate with the rest of my class. Medical tried to tell me to have my family send me a pair, but I told them I don’t have any family out there to send me any. I know other inmates who you all gave glasses to. I am by no means racist but they were all black and I am white. I also wanted to let you know that my bottom denture plate was broken during a search on 8-25 and I filled out I don’t know how many grievances and just yesterday they came and told me that they were going to fix them for me, but I have been having to wear the broken denture plate for almost a month and because of them being broke I have cut the inside of my mouth and gums several times, but medical will not do anything about that. I have to have my dentures in to eat, so what I am supposed to do. There is no telling how much longer it will be before they finally get around to fixing them. And yes, you can use my name.

Charles Kendall

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