‘The struggle of maintaining’: 3 poems

Dreams of the End!!

Engulfed in flames, demons screaming my name, trying to remain sane, while still struggling to maintain.

Maybe it’s over, maybe this is my final step in life, insanity.

Running, why is the question my past chasing me my future isn’t certain, police behind me what did I do am I running from the fear of being locked up to who knows the truth maybe nobody only I can understand.

Peace, tranquility, quietness not a word spoken, maybe this is the end, is this my death, my mother, my brother, by my side tears in their eyes, is the event of my demise. I feel some pain but my spirit is still strong. This may be the day I pass away and go home.

I open my eyes in my cell again, thinking about the dreams that haunt my unconscious mind, I sit up and think about the visions and relax that now at least I know now how I’ll leave this world. 

Day& Night

Day & Night I look 4 the answers to my problems

Day & Night I sit in my cell waiting 4 my lawyer to solve ’em

Day & Night I go thru the struggle of maintaining

Day & Night turns to weeks, weeks turn to months

Day & Night I search for an escape but none is found

Day & Night I put my faith in Allah

Day & Night I pray to the east for guidance

The madness keeps me up all night, it is dusk to dawn.


What’s the end of trust, betrayal when they thought of loyalty,

It must have been a fable, just 2 keep it real a whole lot not able,

How long ago did respect and love leave off the table?

Everything you think you love always will come to an end, kuz niggas think about self first and put loyal  second, when they see you trying to make it they’ll plot on you quick kuz these niggas like crab willing to pull you down slick.

But that’s betrayal at its best real name envy that’s why I’m quick to bust this clip and leave a nigga stinking and party all week and stand attention in all black on the weekend but always business first that’s why I get good sleep in.

Allah told me I have a right to commit it so it ain’t really a sin if it’s motive and a reason. Another world treason that’s not so far from deceiving and I’mm make sure I’ll catch it and he won’t live to see the next season.

As I walk amongst the demons, the thieves, the heathens and all these lie niggas who killing 4 no reason I wonder what pushed them so far but that’s the game we play called life, you brothers in the morning, but you betray them by night.

–Mu’izz Mumit Shakur

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