‘Running for my life from my death dealers’: Poems

by Mu’izz Mumit Shakur


I pray that I make it to watch my seeds flower.

I pray that my mind and heart changes 4 the better by the hour.

I pray my life shines thru the ones that I’ve loved after I’m gone.

I pray after a long day in the streets I safely make it home.

I pray that I live better than my past lives could.

I pray that my family grows and becomes the empire that they should.

I pray that my life will always be remembered.

I pray that allah let me in the gates of the hereafter.


One life, Mu’izz Shakur

Eyes in the front one behind my head, keep my guard up

They want to see me dead, enemies to my left, foes on my right

And Ima fight til can’t talk or see right.

I’m fully conditioned ready for this mission, hoping that it ends

Quick in a life or death decision.  Haters to my left, snakes off to my right

I hope my physical can protect me through this life.


Death, Mu’izz Shakur

I see in the mirror when I look into my eyes death’s around the corner

And I foresee my demise. I see it in my dream the snakes crawling

At my feet. Fangs full of hate ready to strike me 2 defeat.

I notice when I walk how the people look and stare and those who understand just nod and say a prayer.

Death’s my better half waiting for my fall,

Waiting for allah to give his final call.


I made many mistakes I hope I make them right but I don’t regret

A thing that I’ve done in life.


Running, Mu’izz Shakur

I’m running for success on a road of failure.

I’m running for my life from my death dealers.

I’m running for the money like a mouse for the cheese.

I’m tired of the running I can barely breathe.

I’m out on a mission praying for forgiveness.

Kuz I been chasing after a better future while damning others’ presents.



Alone in this life my thoughts are my friends.

They’ll keep it true to my final end, Alone feels like peace

Not worried about other people’s dramas, alone on this road I’m going full speed

Chasing after comas, alone in the field I guess it’s only right

Kuz you’ll fall 4 anything if you don’t stand tall 4 your life!

One love–Mumit

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