Breaking Through: 3 poems

Read Between the Lines

I can’t imagine life outside these city limits,

I’ve realized my dreams haven’t surpassed the norm.

Is it my mindstate that’s doing this damage?

I sit back and think, have I ever thought about life on a worldwide scale,

So far I cannot think of a time when my ambitions reached farther than North Carolina.

Some might say that me realizing this is a break through,

But I think I’m behind, lacking, and plan closed-minded for not

Scheming on a wider scale of things.

I curse myself for being so dull, my abilities surpass many,

My presents outshine most, but yet I feel

My ambitions, my goals, my dreams are on the same level of those around me,

That’s a major problem.

The reasons this issue: I haven’t been exposed,

I can’t see where I could be 5 years from now,

I’ve placed myself on the level of those around me, blah, blah, blah Excuses!!!

I don’t know what’s wrong, if these is even something wrong,

Is this natural for a young adult to be so…content?!

Even so, natural is for the normal in life and I do not see myself as normal.

Or could that be the problem—I think too highly of myself,

Aren’t I just a normal person like the rest?



Sometimes I wonder why, why the events took place that led to me being locked away.

Sometimes I wonder why. Why do I even try because despite my intellect

I will never change the mass genocide at hand. Why? Should I even care.

Why? Should I even try? Sometimes I wonder why.


Riding 4 a cause but with no direction, you earn respect 4 simple repression, can you see the cause in that. Well it was uprooted and taught but not put into act.

Maybe this cause would be worth something if it wasn’t watered down. The basics of it was as golden as the heavenly towns. What happened to the truth, lore, justice, freedom and peace.

Now it’s just rob, kill, steal and survive through defeat.

I shake my head in shame as I once was one of those who believe you have 2 be a follower 2 lead.

As I watch the actions of those who claim to be righteous I try to regain the composure to now expose the poser cause nothing will never be the same inside any street gang.



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