‘It is not costing Durham for my son to get these pills he needs’

the following is written by an inmate’s mother and was sent to sheriff’s department staff and the chair of the board of county commissioners, Michael Page. Chairman Page’s response follows.

Before coming to Durham County Detention….(my son had been prescribed) something for Reflux/heartburn called Omeprazole.

When he came to Durham County Detention (Facility).they began giving him something different. It wasn’t helping him like the Omperazole did. But they told me I could bring the Omeprazole to him. He had an order for it. Then he was taken to Guilford County. He has continued to take them and said they helped.

He told me Saturday he needed some more so I took him some Monday evening when I came to see him and talked to the officer about it and she spoke with Mrs Jones (head of medical) and she said he did not have an order for it, which he has it in his cell.

Reflux medicine you have to take daily and if you do not….it can cause problems….pain.
Again, I do not get why my son cannot get the medical help he needs. They have told him they will not help him and he has to get his lawyer involved to get any help. It is not costing Durham for my son to get these pills he NEEDS. They are brand new in package. I should not have to keep going through this.

I am on disability and do what I can to see him twice a week and now this will cost me a trip back because my son will be in bad pain without these pills. Could somebody help us here? He needs this med ASAP!

Thank you, DVD

email response from Michael Page:

I am going to send this letter to appropriate people again but they are NOT finding any of your claims to be the case with your son, I am not sure what kind of message you are getting.   Mr. Martin is a very committed law enforcement professional and he is copied on this email and also Colonel Perkins has read several of my letters from you that I have sent them and there is NO claim to substainate what is being said.     Deborah, there are some people who just dont do their jobs but let me tell you these people I am requesting to look into your sons case are so COMMITTED to insuring that all inmates are taken care of that I dont understand why you dont have the confidence of our staff.   We will request this again!

Michael Page


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