‘The correctional system’s motto: Treat the symptom, not the problem’


To whom it may concern,

Take time to read *PLEASE*

I’m in the D.C.J. (a prisoner) and have some problems. They are listed in this letter!

The medical department is said to have a dentist, and medical claims there is a list for the dentist. I’ve yet to see a dentist. I went to medical, a self-declared emergency the first time for my tooth and was given 400 mg motrin 2x a day. Now over a month later I went back on sick call and had to beg the nurse to place me on an antibiotic. I requested for my motrin to be increased to 800 mg, I explained I didn’t want a narcotic because she kept saying over and over ‘I’m not giving you narcotic’ as if that was my reason for being there, regardless of how swollen my jaw was or how broke off and rotten my tooth is. The motrin was increased to 600 mg 2x a day, which is still not strong enough. I am in pain.

The jail staff acts gung-ho like they are on top of situations and are really concerned for the safety of inmates. Not so! There is no shower mat in the showers, no wet floor signs. There is mold on some of the mattresses that are given out. Trays still have old food in them from previous meals. Tray tops are water logged and they use the excuse of condensation, but how could that be when tray tops have holes in them, and that’s how water from the dishwasher gets in them (etc.). You can hold the tray top and feel the weight of water in it/them. As well as hold it up and watch the water drain out and puddle up in the floor.

And as for supplies it’s hard to even get paper, pencils, toilet tissue. We are not allowed to keep a pencil in the cell, which makes it hard to do legal work or write notes to keep up with things. The jail uses too many lameduck excuses as to why they punish us. It also costs for loved ones to deposit money, if the money intake window is not open, which is most of the time. This is already a monopoly—our people are charged, then we are charged. We are only given the option I-Care package or jail canteen, both of which are coming from the same people. Don’t forget the Aramark Co. has a fee to bring it up to us. Aramark has lost a lot of contracts in United States jails and prisons. The company Aramark has been in this jail for a long while and for a long time Aramark staff has been getting away with all kinds of violations.

Jails and prisons always find a way to get out of the trouble they cause. They are given notices as to when inspections are coming so that leaves them with enough time to cover up their stuff. I know first-hand, as I’ve had plenty of jobs in prison and in jail.

In conclusion to all this, some outside service needs to take over. The correctional system’s motto is this: Treat the symptom and not the problem. That is why we have all these problems now.

They make it look good for a little while, but never fix the damn problem. It’s hurry up and wait, and shift the blame. When are people gonna step in and help and trust our word.

Thank you for your help and time.


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