‘It’s no use complaining to the people that are the problem.’

Dear Friends (I.O.A.)

I want it to be known I’m one of the prisoners at D.C.J. that first filed about the nasty trays and water logged lids. The pod kiosk can prove so. I’ve had a toothache for 1.5 months and said to be on a list for a dentist and I’ve yet to see one nor have a lot of other people. The nurse acted like I was wanting narcotic pain pills (I don’t), I just wanted some 800Mg Ibuprofen. She was very rude. I had to say Miss, please give me antibiotics. I got the antibiotic and a increase from 400 mg to 600 mg 2x a day on motrin, which does not help. I am on mental health meds as well, so  most staff, I feel, take me as a joke and brush me off. 

I have rights and they are being violated.

I need a lawyer I feel. And someone to talk to about all this. It’s useless complaining to the people that are the problem. Treating the symptoms are no good. We need to treat the problems.

Please contact me by mail or visit.

Love is love. Be easy.

I. S. V.

Please respond so I know you all got this.

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