‘This goes higher than just this jail’

What’s good?

I’m not going to lie. I was down before I seen your letter come under my door. Just reading that newsletter (feedback) put me back into my right state of mind. I haven’t heard from no one in the past two weeks. No letters, no lawyer, nothing. Until now. I seen my letter I sent you in the “feedback”. It helped me remember what I was striving for. Low key it helped me regain Focus. I apologize for the many typos in my last letters. I now have another roommate. And he was telling me in Person County there is far better than the shit we face in here. You should have seen my face when he told me that they get to listen to the radio and get cereal and coffee every morning. That alone brought me to the thought that if Person can do it, why can’t Durham? You’re right about people getting almost used to the deprivation and oppression that it becomes almost second nature. Every night before I lay down to sleep I remember where tf I’m at and not to conform to this bullshit and to actually rise above it. That’s easier said than done. I’m one of the few that still remembers what it feels like to want better not just from only myself but my fellow brothers. It’s kinda crazy that I am able to talk to you about things like this more comfortably than some of my peers. Imma continue to try and overcome my current situation day by day. I’m in — not — by the way…Like I said this goes higher than this just jail. It’s a system that works against us…No, we haven’t heard anything from the jail administration about this only form the letters we get from y’all. Also, I think it’s messed up how there are two pods that get to be out all day. Right about now that doesn’t sound bad. But it’s unfair to the rest of the people who doesn’t get that opportunity. It’s been an honor to be a part of something great than myself. Take care and write back.


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