‘They don’t care about us’

From a friend to a friend


Thanks for the letters. I’ve been doing this time alone so your letters are really, really appreciated. Your time and effort you give up to reach out to me for support and help mean a lot. It’s crazy, cause you sent your last letter May 31st. I just got it like a week and a half ago. Crazy, rite? Anyways, I’ve read the feedback paper you sent and shared it with a couple people. We all are grateful for the things you and the organization does for us. We have four straight hours out a day now, so that’s better than before and you all got something to do with that. I’m in — now. I’ve been here for like two months. Far as visits I really don’t have any and haven’t had none in about 6 months, so if you wanted to come visit I would appreciate it. 

As far as conditions, MAN!! I just got out of a room with another big guy because the heat was so damn unbearable. Like we would sweat all day. There’s like no AC on the whole left side of the pod. C.O.’s would bring us our food and step back, shaking their heads with a look of pity at how hot and how much heat would flow out the room. But they would turn around when we would ask to hold the door open for a breather and to air the room out. They would say no. One night I had to kick the door just to get their attention and when they came and opened the door I stepped out without permission just to get a breather. It’s crazy cause during the summer time it’s crazy hot in the rooms and during the winter it’s super cold. Also, the trays are trays they “suppose” to clean and reuse and I’ve seen numerous days my food come and some of the food of what I ate earlier that day be still on the trays. They don’t care about us, so I’m glad we got some people like you who do. Thanks, bro. TTYL.                                                                                                      S. B.

Note: air temperatures in pods and between pods in DCDF vary widely, so that people in some parts of the jail tell of being super cold and others of being super warm.

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