‘I am not ashamed of what I write’


I got your letter today and I just wanted to write you back and let you know I read my letter I wrote you in the Feedback pamphlet but it had the wrong name at the bottom. It is on page 5 of the September issue. My name is Charles Kendall and I am not ashamed of what I write. I want everybody to know I was the one who wrote it. 

I have another complaint I would like to see in your next issue. I have been here for 55 days. I am in the STARR program here and I need a pair of glasses, reading glasses so I can read and do my homework from class but I cannot get any. I filled out 17 sick call lists to try and get a pair, but they keep telling me they do not have any right now or medical does not give out glasses. But I have seen them given out to other inmates since I have been here and I told medical so. So, they finally sent a nurse up here to see me last night and she told me that they had to buy the glasses and that she would try to remember to buy me a pair so I filled out another sick call today to remind her to get me a pair. So now I am going to fill out a sick call everyday and see how long it takes me to get them and I will be sure to write you and let you know how long it takes for me to them. Your brother in “Christ God”

Charles Kendall

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