Aramark delivers ‘biggest lie ever’ about damaged food trays

a follow up to this story


Thank you for writing back so swiftly. I am so grateful to know God has put and I.O.A. in my path! To answer you about my letter being a copy, the answer is yes. I was blessed to attend — here and — made copies for me. This was because he knew that mail was interfered with when they see you alls name on the letter. I also sent a copy to my lawyer, —. I can’t give you the — name because I gave him my word I wouldn’t involve him. But with that said, he has my full support and also was the person who told me about you all. I have still been subjected to eat from these trays. I go to medical at least four times a week. They have been giving me Meclizene for my nausea. I still regurgitate every meal daily. Aramark finally responded to my grievance after I notified Capt. Bazemore and Major Couch. Aramark stated that they had “taken all damaged trays off the line.” This is the biggest lie ever!!!!! I still receive trays that leak all on my food. I refused trays from 8/21-8/24 and I did not get sick once. At the same time I was starving and couldn’t go any longer without eating. During the time I refused the trays I asked Sergeant Cusher if I could receive styrofoam trays. Sarcastically she said, “The only way you can receive styrofoam trays is if you try to kill yourself. Styrofoam is for suicidals only!” This was told to me with a smirk on her face. I have kept a log of every day since I have been going through this with detailed times, events and staff. My attorney told me to keep record of every time something happens. Please post my original story with my name. I hope some one who is going through the same inhumanity in here reads it and speaks out about it!!! I go to court — so I might go home. If I do I want to know how I can support the I.O.A. cause and where I can help. Thanks again and keep up the outstanding work. May God bless you and everything you touch!!!

In struggle,

Chuk Manning, Sr.

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