CALL IN to Durham Jail this THURSDAY to get an inmate NEEDED MEDICAL ATTENTION!!

This Thursday, September 17, please take a moment to call in to the Durham jail to demand immediate medical attention for inmate Kadeem Johnson, who is suffering in severe pain due to a rod that was inserted into his arm for medical reasons but that should have been removed more than a year ago. He (and his mother) have made repeated requests for outside medical attention, which should have been granted given that his prior condition was included in his records when he was taken into custody at Durham County Detention Facility in 2013. Kadeem’s situation is reflective of widespread medical neglect, abuse and misconduct at the jail. (script below)

Lieutenant Col. Natalie Perkins, 919-560-0912,
(or, if you don’t have time: email:
Detention programs and administration, Major R. Collins, 919-560-0958
or, if you don’t have time: email:
Call-in Script:
I am calling today to demand that detainee Kadeem R. Johnson, B50279, be taken off site and examined by a medical doctor in order to have a rod removed from his arm. He is in severe pain and he is having trouble sleeping. He and his mother have requested this several times, and you have ignored these requests. I am demanding that you listen NOW and get Kadeem the kind of care he needs and deserves. All inmates deserve quality medical care and we know Kadeem’s situation is part of a systemic pattern of abuse and/or neglect by a medical provider–Correct Care Solutions–that is part of the problem. Get Kadeem and all inmates the care they deserve IMMEDIATELY.

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