‘Return everyone to regular schedule now’

Dear —,

I would first of all like to say thank you for all the things that you and everyone at IOA are doing for us here at Durham County Jail (or should I say Durham Concentration Camp).

Also I would like to thank you for the informational material that you take your time and publish each month!!! Without you all, we would be deaf, dumb and blind to the things that goes on in and around the jail. Which is the way Sheriff Andrews and his band of hooligans would prefer it be. 

As for Durham County Concentration Camp (D.C.J.)…Nothing has changed around here. They are still telling lies. And covering them up with more lies.

Oh yeah, just found out that they are letting people back out on regular schedule. ONLY PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR THEM (kitchen, laundry, etc.), OR ATTEND THEIR PROGRAMS (Starr, etc.) Oh, and I almost forgot to mention…The female pod is back to regular schedule also.

Now I’m not the smartest man in the world, but if we are locked down for security reasons…These pods should be locked down too. Irregardless if you work or attend their programs. Or return everyone back to regular schedule.

But I guess because I was born in the 80s, I’m not supposed to know what modern day slavery is when I see it.

But once again, I applaud you all at IOA for your continued persistence, amongst all the deterrence Durham County Concentration Camp throws y’alls way.

Well brother, I wish you all nothing but the best. And hope that you receive my letter, and to hear from you all sometime soon.


H. V.

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