‘No one should make mistakes like that with people’s lives’

July 31, 2015 (yes that was when it was dated)

I hope this letter finds you in best of health and spirits. As for myself I’m waiting to find out the next action to be taken in my case. I have another lawyer, so this makes three. I was told by the judge that if I keep finding issue in my case I would more than likely end up having to represent myself because I will not take any of these pleas and have asked for trial for the last 20 months and can prove my constitutional rights have been violated.  Sixth amendment United States constitution states speedy trial and a fair lawyer. But they gave me (a defender) for 10 months and they acted like they didn’t know he could not represent anyone with a charge above a class C felony. That shows the prejudice in the representation and what we all face, for no one should make professional mistakes like that with people’s lives. Now I’ve addressed before that I’ve been sentenced out of guidelines of state law before and served the whole 14 year 5 month sentence and no one ever tried to correct the error in any kind of way and have been trying to do the same again. State law and statute from the NC Supreme Court states a trial court’s assignment of prior record level is a conclusion of law and can be addressed under N.C. G.S. 15A-1340.14 (d). Also stated under N.C. G.S. is it allows a defendant to appeal a guilty plea as a matter of right when the defendant’s prior record level was improperly calculated. I might be misunderstanding or not be reading these statements right, but I figure they’ve said I was punished wrongly and it was a severe punishment which violates the 8th amendment, and I have records to show where it was a reuse of convictions and commitment and judgments were on appeal and pleas were unsigned by the district attorney. Evidence don’t match times tested. All kinds of violations trying to cover for the last 20 months. Along with mail being stopped. As you have seen, I am sending this July 31st 2015. Let me know how long it took if you get it.

Still struggling. Keep up the help. Sincerely, V.B.

P.S. PLEASE keep up the protests. It’s the ONLY ACTIVE ACTION we have.

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