‘We living like savages’

Hey –,

I read you letter and I appreciate you writing me. I have noticed the inside/outside protesting outside the jail and I be one of the many in the window supporting. Keep protesting, bruh. What I will say is that the sheriffs tell 50% the truth and lie to make themselves sound good. You also have good and bad sheriffs. Some care and some are here just for the check. And then you have some who choose favorites. In the world it’s mostly who you know. Not what you know.

I am on lockback. I’ve been on lockback for months. And still have plenty time left for scuffling with officers, male and female, to be honest, because at the beginning and end of the day they all wear the same uniforms. They’re co-workers and they’ll protect each other’s asses. Yeah, they beat inmates like crazy in this muthafucca. But not all cuz they know who 2 try. They know who gone set it off and who gone fold. Like me, for example. I bang, I’m —. I got rank, so I go all my lil grooves gone go. I been in – since I been on lockback. I been trying to move to the hole, but they won’t move me. I’ve kicked on the door, spark the sprinkler, kicked the light off the wall. And all they do is write me up. But let it be somebody else that name don’t hold no weight. It’s ova for them. Me being on lockback, I see everything and hear as well. The pods on half and half and have four hours out a day. I get 1 hour Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And most times I  ain’t get that cuhz them new trainees scared of me real. Shit, they send inmates to bring me my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I just had to take a bath in my cell cuhz I went 2 weeks without a walk. For real. It’s real in Durham County Jail. But this is the new modern slavery. If I ever get off lockback, imam turn the fuck up. These bullshit ass trays they feed us. We living like savages. They make it hard for us so we can plead guilty to a charge we probably didn’t commit. I’ll stay strong. Write back. I’m happy you wrote.

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