‘I think the best way to investigate is undercover’


Yes, I was let out of my cell to “call my dad.” After repeated attempts to get in touch with him to no avail, the sergeant said she would check with the lieutenant who originally took the call. Five minutes later she came back with a new number and said that either my mom or grandma had died. Well, since I didn’t have a grandmother—I got really worried. I called the number and the guy said, “Who is this?” I said (my name). “Goddamnit! They gave the message to the wrong guy! I’m gonna call the fucking sheriff.” (me, feebly): “Ok, sir. You have a good day.” I didn’t know what to say. Yes, more signs and proof of the incompetence of our great D.C.J.

I think it’s awesome that y’all liked my statement. I’ll send more to use however you see fit. Hopefully I’ll say just one thing that may get at least one person to wake up. It starts with one, right?

As I said before if there ever is a team that will step inside these walls to investigate it needs to be done in some type of way to not be able for the jail to have notice beforehand. I think that the best way is undercover. Someone of repute going undercover as an inmate.

My side of the block comes out every Friday, so I see all of you each time (you protest). Anyway, I hope I see you (next time). Keep on being strong and spreading the truth.

Your friend, C.C.

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