‘We still holding on that’s for sure’


What’s up,

Well I know it’s been a while since you wrote that first letter I never got to respond back to because of the writing tools that d-o’s won’t let us have inside our cells. And sometimes if you ask for something to write with they will just act like they ain’t got it or shoot some b.s. As you can see I’m writing with a pen that was given to me by another inmate. Last week it was hard getting writing tools so an inmate took it upon himself to take a pack of ink pens from a d-o. No one got caught with a pen and they never found them, so they just brushed it off because they did have a shake down and that was that. But far as everything else goes, we still moving through this day to day struggle. I’m doing fine, ready for trial so I can be free from this place. I’m really proud to say that my moms as well as the (rest of) Inside Outside Allinace have helped and been very supportive bringing to the light the struggle on the inside as well as the outside. She always keeps me up to date on y’all week to week progress, but the main thing the inmates dislikes (right now) is that the mail is being held or reported with false assumption. They either can’t read through the slang or define the code so they mark it ‘gang-related’ or you will never receive it, for the most it’s never received and wherever it comes from it’s never returned. The second letter you sent me came the day a d-o came to my cell asking if I had a copy of a form that was given to me due to the mail being held. I was supposed to receive a list of demands as well as The Final Call. I didn’t get what she sent and they never returned it, but that day the d-o came to talk with me about it I did get your letter. With the shoes it’s lots of inmates that don’t have shoes due to the pods’ past behavior but they still collect shoes every shake down and still have not given shoes or information that concern our shoes. It’s still a struggle to fight, but we still holding on that’s for sure. Thanks for all you guys support!

L. I.

P.S. Q.Z. (my cellie who you’ve been in touch with) said thanks and keep up the great support!

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