‘Sadly the miscarriage report is true… She couldn’t even stand’

I am doing well. Thank you for asking. Some things have improved. Some have not.

I have managed to see The Longest Yard and Jumanji all the way through. The Longest Yard is an Adam Sandler movie. Jumanji is a children’s movie starring Robin Williams.

Thank you for the newsletter. I received the newsletter, a “response to the sheriff’s ‘answers’,” and your personal letter. I received them on time, as well.

I do get visitors…I have not had a problem receiving visitors.

There was 70+ women in the pod. When we run out of cells, inmates are placed in the multi-purpose room. It is a small room, and there was a time that you couldn’t see the floor because it was covered with mats. Each pod has 3 rooms: a rec yard, a big day room (with TV and chairs in a viewing area and another area to eat and play cards), and a multi-purpose room. I forgot the phones are in the day room as well.

One improvement is that they are allowing church people to come in and preach again. They had stopped that for a while. We had 2 church women visit us last night.

Sadly the miscarriage report is true. I know of one girl for a fact having one without care. She was given Tylenol or Ibuprofen. She cried and moaned. It made me cry for her. The sound was heart-breaking. And she bled so much. The officer finally asked if medical would give her diapers because she kept bleeding through her clothes and blankets. She couldn’t even stand.

I will encourage others to write to you. I wish the girl that had the miscarriage was here to tell her story. I don’t want to give out her name because I do not have her permission. She is free now.

Mom loves what y’all are doing for us, by the way. She wishes the food would change. She worries about all the bread and potatoes we get. I personally think women should be given calcium and a multivitamin to make up for the lack of nutrition.

For library, we are not taken to the library. The librarian brings a cart of books up here every Tuesday.


Have a beautiful day, and I hope you are doing well. Hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely, A.C.

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