Doin my best: poems

Remain the same

I’ve seen so many struggles in the streets,

brothers killing brothers.

Mothers selling babies

We just harming one another

If we ain’t dead or in jail then the police gonna kill us

Put our picture on the news and 30 minutes later just forget us.

But the streets is like a drug

I’m addicted to the lifestyle.

Fast money, shoot out, and the drugs to ease the stress down.

But what we don’t realize when we shoot, it’s a two-man down

Cuz the other gotta fight for his life through trials

Against the ones appointed to judge you to confinement for years to come,

Now it’s a game that they playing but for our side it’s never a win

And if we don’t lose and fail then we’ll be trapped trying to find a way out again.

My mother asked me since I know why won’t I change.

I told her see I have the knowledge but will rather remain the same.

King Mumit

Am I the last king?

That’s what it may seem a conqueror amongst my generation

But my knowledge vast and educational to feel my nation,

The sweet taste of victory is near.

As the last king I’m still going through my own struggle to earn the right to declare my rightful spot in the land,

my reign will be that of no other because it’s that of a builder but also a destroyer. It took me  to follow

in order to learn how to lead and achieve amongst the ones who so desperately want to receive love and loyalty.

As King Mumit I declare that my oppressors shall feel my right hand in the battle to see who deserves the righteous land.

The Chain Shall Never Break

Everybody aint your homie.” But my brother is my brother. “Y’all nothing but ten deep.” But we all love each other. It’ll never work y’all be done within a year.

But with will and drive how shall we disappear.

“Well you’ll have issues with us and we’ll install fear.”

With the almighty Allah by my side, how is it that man you claim I shall fear?

“One way or the other we’ll get you outter here.”

What you have against us?


Well the angels of hte heavens shall make it so you don’t even pose a threat,

They’ll guide each and every bullet that come from my weapon until we earn our due respect!

Love and Loyalty *** King Mumit *** La Familia *** The Final Chapter

The Chain Shall Never Break

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