‘A system that worked against us since birth’


For one I know for a fact that they may just be giving ya’ll the run-around until ya’ll give up and submit. The reason why I say this cause the other day I asked on the kiosk for my next set court date. The very next day they tell me released. News that if I didn’t decide to look further into myself I would have been disappointed. So I put in a well-detailed response stating who I was and what was put as my earlier response from the people who handle that stuff (Idk who). 3-4 days later the response was “No comment given”–like I said, the run around. As for Aramark and GlobalTel, lord knows they’re making a killing. Everything on Aramark is extremely taxed. The new phone company they got–boy! A ten dollar phone card on the outside world is 17 dollars. And I’ve heard sooo many inmates complain that the amount of calls isn’t even worth the price. So if it’s that much for one person, just imagine if only 1/3 of the jail population uses it on a daily within a week they would have made a killing. I’ve heard about people trying to jump off the top tier. And the best they do for that is take your clothes, put you in an empty cell with no mat freezing cold. Expecting you not to act out. Matter fact, the other day I seen some of the most fucked-up thing they done:

A sergeant tazed a 16-year-old boy for cursing. First, he told him to lock back. I guess on the way back to his cell he was still talking. The sergeant tazed the kid for something basic. Be mindful those tazers are for only when threatened by a group. And he’s supposed to be the sergeant. To me these dudes are all clowns waiting for one of us to act out so they could have something to talk about in the break room. While in either case the inmate is sent to the hole. Which is what happened in the case of the 16-year-old–SMFH…

As for the food your last meal is at four o’clock in the afternoon, you do the math. Most of us who don’t get canteen go hungry throughout the night. Any medical attention is $20 and the best thing they can give you is tylenol that in itself is some bullshit. Or some A & D ointment. These people are soo full of shit, I’m dying to go home. But I know this is also my time to get my mind right and get my shit organized so I can break this cycle of incarceration. I want better for my people and it goes higher than just the jail. My friend, this system is built for minorities to fail. We are nothing but profit. To a system that worked against us since birth. We have to do better for our people. Or else we’re going to continue to die off to the system. The land of the free benefits from the people who are not. We all make mistakes, I know I did, but it’s what imma do next is important. Keep pressing the fight!!                                                                                              From your

incarcerated brother

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